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The weather in Australia calls for air conditioning systems to either cool down or heat up the rooms to make our lives more comfortable. At Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning, we usually fit cooling-based air conditioning systems due to the tropical location. It is quite a technical job to install air conditioners, thus it is best left to a professional, be it installing or replacing them. At Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning we take great pride in doing the best job you will get that’ll be worth your money spent.

We strive to offer you all the professional services that relate to electrical and air conditioning. From installation to repair services, we have a solution to all your electrical and air conditioning problems. All our customers are happy with the work we deliver because we care – something we pride ourselves on.

Leading Air Conditioning Installation Services in Darwin

Australia is hot, and air conditioning is a basic necessity. We, at Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning, understand what it’s like to suffer in the heat, and we’re here to make sure you don’t have to. We offer air conditioning installation services in the entire area of Darwin and the surrounding suburbs.

Our experience in the industry allows us to be in a position where we can make suggestions and assist our customers to choose the best out of the available options. Be it electrical capacity, room size, getting wiring to areas needed, or the type of air conditioning system you prefer, the team at Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning will help you whenever or wherever you need us.

Are You Looking For Air Conditioning Installation Services Near You?

Then we’ve got you covered!

We provide our clients with both residential and commercial air conditioning installation services.

Our team is well-trained and proficient in tailoring the services according to your requirements.

Having been in the business for decades, we understand the value of working closely with you to ensure your needs are being met. From small flats to large industrial warehouses, you can trust that we perform every job with the same dedication.

What Do We Offer?

At Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning, it’s our goal to give you the best air conditioning unit in the market at rates that are affordable.

We offer a wide range of services to our customers:

Residential – if you need a new house set up with air conditioning or replacement of old units, you can rely on us to do it all.

Commercial and Industrial – from offices to industrial floors we will give you the best air conditioning for your business.

Repairs and Maintenance – have an existing unit that isn’t working right? We will service it for you and fix the problem where we can.

Replacements – if we aren’t able to repair your unit we can replace it for you instead. We have a team of reliable electricians who can help you upgrade your switchboard, solve issues to give you energy-efficient solutions, and make any other necessary repairs.

We Always Put You First

Our clients are our top priority. Whether it’s the initial consultation or a year-after installation, we make sure your needs are always met.

Here’s why we’re your trusted air conditioning installers in Darwin:

  • We are certified & insured
  • Impressive portfolio and testimonials
  • Well-trained and skilled electricians
  • Bespoke planning for your installation

We’re glad to answer all your questions and explain what’s possible to guarantee complete transparency. We also provide recommendations to help you save costs and energy while still getting the results you want.

At Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning, we not only look at your air conditioning as an individual unit, but we also look at it in relation to the rest of your electrical system. If your unit is causing spikes in your electricity bills, we will be upfront and do our best to help.

Looking for air conditioning installation in Darwin?

You’ve found us. Prompt is the one term that describes us because we’re confident we’ll be able to handle any air conditioning problems more efficiently and effectively than our competition.

Don’t take our word for it, contact us today at Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning to book an appointment with our expert electricians.

Proudly Serving Darwin

The team at Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning has been providing air conditioning-based services in Darwin for over 30 years. We are one of the leading air conditioning installation, maintenance, and electrical service providers in the entire area and the surrounding suburbs.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Repair works can vary in the time taken depending on what the problem is. If it is a receiver board, it will not be as involved as replacing the main control board. However, time is also taken to assess the fault, source the part and replace it. We at Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning will give you a breakdown of parts and labor prior to any repairs being undertaken to help you make an informed decision.

There are many reasons for your AC to stop working, a few of them are mentioned below.

- Your AC is low on refrigerant.

- Your AC’s condensing compressor is faulty.

- The unit’s control board could be faulty.

- You may have no power that could be a faulty isolator or even a tripped circuit breaker.

A few common problems that your air conditioner might face include – unclean filters, outdoor units not ventilated well enough, undersized units right from the word go, low on gas (due to poor workmanship).

However, the most common problem we see is the buildup of mold and dust on the drum fan and coils, both located on the inside unit, which a good chemical clean can fix. It can make a huge difference in the efficiency and cooling capacity of the unit.

We At Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning we will assess your air conditioner before carrying out any work, to help you avoid spending money that will result in little or no difference in your air conditioner's cooling capacity.


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