We do it all

Washing Machines


The name Mark Salmon Electrical may seem like were a big company and that your job may not get the attention it needs. However your washing machine, dryer, stove or what ever appliance repair you need will be done by myself - Mark Salmon. I guarantee that what ever the repair, you'll be informed prior with a cost effective quote onsite so you can make an informed decision that will be the best for your budget. The Darwin Electrician you can trust!

Industrial Machines


Over my 33 years as an electrician servicing the Darwin and Palmerston areas, ive worked on a lot of industrial and commercial equipment /  machinery and can personally can offer you my expertise and knowledge to help get your electrical repairs done ASAP to enable you a quick turn around to avoid any unnecessary down time in production. Give us a call and I can chat about some of the largest companies ive helped carry out their repairs. The Darwin Electrician you can trust!

Wiring Repairs


As an Electrician in Darwin we come across some fairly curly electrical wiring problems unique to the Northern Territory. White ants chewing straight through copper wires, water damage from the horizontal rains we get not to mention electrical surges from those amazing Electrical storms we get in the tropics. Ive got a wealth of electrical experience in testing and tracing these electrical faults in order to carry out the necessary repairs to get your power back on. The Darwin Electrician you can trust!