Air Conditioning

Don't Lose Your Cool


Air conditioning is a vital part of living in the NT. If not installed correctly or if the system is inadequate for the room size, your airconditioning system will degrade quicker and cost more to keep cool. When you need a new air conditioning, make sure you get a highly qualified and licensed installer. Mark Salmon Electrical specialises in air conditioning system installations, using only high quality fittings and equiptment. It's important that multiple factors such as room size, building construction, windows and the buildings aspect are considered when choosing the right system for the desired space. Mark Salmon Electrical will ensure you have the correct system required. So if you need an Electrician in Darwin who has the knowledge, experience and qualifications to keep you cool, then give Mark Salmon Electrical a call. We will provide you with a cost effective quote onsite so you can make an informed decision that will be the best for your budget. The Darwin Electrician you can trust!