Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke alarms are mandatory in Australia when building a new house or renovating it. There are certain requirements that must be met. When renting, ensure that your alarms are certified and up to date.

When it comes to smoke alarm installation at domestic or commercial properties, there are a few things property owners should be aware of. These may include the number of alarms required, different types of alarms available, whether smoke alarms must be interlinked if you have more than one alarm on your premises, and any maintenance that must be done at regular intervals. At Mark Salmon Electrical and Air Conditioning, we specialize in smoke alarm installation and maintenance.

We strive to be your preferred electricians in Darwin and the surrounding suburbs. To gain that trust and earn your preference over other electricians, we do our best to have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out smoke alarm installation in your home or commercial property as efficiently with our expertise. We ensure to be cost-effective as any of our fellow electricians in Darwin and surrounding areas. As experts, we are aware of the building code requirements pertaining to smoke alarms in different areas.

Our electrical services are equal parts affordable and reliable. We are confident about the quality of work we deliver, and all our services are backed by a warranty. We use only the best smoke alarms and try to encourage our customers to install 10-year Lithium Battery backup 240-volt hard-wired smoke alarms if possible. This eliminates the need for replacing the small battery each year due to the charging technology within the alarms.

Contact our qualified electricians for smoke alarm installation or for more information on which device is perfect for your property. Call on 0418 855 550 or leave a message.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Darwin

We also offer a smoke alarm maintenance service to domestic and commercial property owners and managers in the Darwin area. Other than providing property owners with tips for use and maintenance, we carry regular maintenance of smoke detectors to achieve maximum life expectancy and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. Generally, smoke alarms need to be maintained by changing the little rectangular 9-volt battery backup each year, but we can offer a 10-year solution to this maintenance issue which saves you quite a bit of money in the long run.

All the electricians on our team have an excellent track record of years of delivering exceptional services across Darwin. We understand our customers’ requirements and know what they expect from our services and we can proudly say that we leave no stone unturned to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We help you cut costs without cutting corners. Whenever you want to upgrade your property’s fire or security systems, it is better to choose electricians who are aware of electrical safety standards and government compliances. We provide exactly the right blend of knowledge and experience at Mark Salmon Electrical & Air Conditioning. Why not call us now on 0418855550 so that we can help?

Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Testing

After the process of smoke alarm installation is complete you will be issued a Certificate Of Compliance to give you the confidence that a qualified electrician has installed your alarm and to comply with local electrical safety regulations. You should also be handed the small information booklet that comes with the manufacturer’s tips for the best longevity of your new alarm. Like every other electrical appliance and product, your smoke alarm needs maintenance and testing on a regular basis, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the information the electricians give you.

You don’t want faulty smoke alarms installed in your home. We see this quite often when we visit people’s homes. Smoke alarms hanging with the battery removed, obviously due to the continual chirping that can come from alarms needing attention. In case of fire, it will not be able to set an early warning alarm and save lives if the basic maintenance and testing are overlooked. Please don’t let this happen to your family. Call Mark Salmon Electrical & Air Conditioning to keep your family safe and have your alarms operational for that situation we all hope will never arise.

Smoke alarms are a necessary part of our lives – a bit like seat belts, that we hope we never really have to rely on. We need alarms to do their job, and maintenance is part of the manufacturers’ recommendation so when we need these electrical items to operate and do what they were designed to do – they operate as designed and SAVE LIVES.

If you have any queries, please call us at Mark Salmon Electrical & Air Conditioning and we can give you advice on keeping your existing smoke alarms maintained and ensuring you have the protection should a fire set them off. Or, If you would like new and up-to-date alarms fitted with no yearly battery replacement, please call anytime on 0418855550 – We are here to help!


A few indicators that you should keep a lookout for to see if your smoke alarms need replacing are when it’s going off for no reason, the test button fails to operate the alarm, or the battery that you replaced didn’t even last a year or random chirping sounds.

Yes you need to be a qualified electrician to replace 240-volt hard-wired smoke alarms unless you can get a replacement that will slide into the smoke alarm base, that is the hard-wired part of the alarm. If you have battery-operated only smoke alarms, then any competent person can replace these.


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