Air conditioning in Darwin is an absolute necessity in modern day tropical living and along with new and replacement split system air conditioning units, we at Mark Salmon Electrical carry out cleaning and air conditioning repair work to existing air conditioners. Almost all split systems that we supply and purchase come with a 5 year warranty – manufacturer’s warranty on the air conditioning unit – not the labour – and this is why it is important to choose wisely who will install or repair your air conditioning units.

Part of owning or renting your home that has an air-conditioner is the upkeep that you as the owner or tenant can carry out to make sure you’re getting the best value for money that you spend on cooling your home. It is good practice if you use your air-conditioning on a daily basis – all bar a few days of the year, that as well as the six weekly filter clean you also get Mark Salmon Electrical to carry out a full chemical clean where the indoor unit coils and rotor fan are flushed and cleaned with a detergent that breaks down the build up of all sorts of mould and grime then flushed with pressured water to leave it clean so your system doesn’t work harder than need be.

At Mark Salmon Electrical and with 35 years experience in Darwin, we understand that repair work to air conditioning is expensive and sometimes a replacement is better to look at than repairs, once your old system is out of warranty. This is as you could appreciate it is a decision that we leave with the customer once we make sure you have the pro’s and con’s for making that decision along with our advice and a quote.

Once the warranty period of 5 years has lapsed any repair work to your air conditioner is a bit of a gamble that only you the owner can make that decision to take. Like all things in life, if the unit has been looked after during its 5 plus years of operation and very importantly installed properly from the get go – like we do at Mark Salmon Electrical, the decision to repair or replace leans most often to replacement due mainly to the fact that you could spend upwards of $450.00 to replace a relatively major component and take the risk that another component won’t fail in another month or so because while we will warranty the part and labour we replace for 12 months we can’t guarantee further problems won’t occur.

Having said that about repair work we are only too happy to organise – most times at no cost, a full appraisal and cost to repair most split systems that are on the market today as long as the parts are still available. At Mark Salmon Electrical we don’t like the throw away society we live in today – you only have to look at the waste most homes produce each week, and like you we shake our heads, so we will repair if that is the best and most economic outcome for your individual situation.

So please if you have any queries or you are not sure on what to do, contact Mark Salmon Electrical today, and we will do our best to help you get the most value you can get for the financial outlay associated with cooling your home. Believe it or not we actually care about you and look forward to helping out in whatever way we can.

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